Now Watch the PGA Championship 2018 for Free on Different Platforms

You can now watch the PGA Championships 2018 on multiple platforms! All thanks to Eleven Sports.

It’s the award-winning Eleven Sports (one of the well-known sports telecaster or content provider) asked for safe Live and Exclusive rights for the PGA matches for telecasting in UK and Ireland. For the official launch event, the centenary edition of the golf event will be shown, which is going to take place between August 9 to 12 at the Country Club in St. Louis.

PGA Games

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Now Watch the PGA Championship 2018 for Free on Different Platforms

You can watch the match in different ways! Either you can check the Live Feeds of the Eleven Sports Facebook page or visit the official website of the Eleven Sports for the Live updates. Both the Android as well as iOS platforms perfectly work for accessing the games.

Desktop or the Laptop Platform-

Using the online website, you get to stream free and live content for a free 7-day trial scheme. This way, you could get to know how the website works and you could decide it later whether you need to pay or not.

Mobile Platform-

As mentioned before, Eleven Sports is available for Android as well as iOS users. Also, you could install the Eleven Sports and watch them both for mobile as well as tablet platforms.

So, yes the content is accessible for almost all the people with a stable internet connection. There’s a free 7-day trial on the website for all the four rounds of the game. Also, you could stream the Facebook live updates for the first two rounds for free of course.

More details on the subscribing and everything regarding the pricing for the ultimate action is yet to be revealed. As soon as the games get started, the Live coverage of the PGA games will be out on the Eleven Sports Facebook Page! You could access the game using the iOS or Android phone or tablet that you have got.

The complete uninterrupted shot of the final rounds will be out on the Eleven Sports website. It will commence at 5 pm and will be aired towards the very end of the game.

If you want to be notified about the game and other updates of the PGA, then install the PGA Championship app for free!