eSports to be held at the Olympics Games, says the Paris 2024 Bid Team

The International Sports Federation announced, that the organizers of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games are in talks to include the eSports as a demonstration sport in their programme.

Paris Bid Team discussed of including the eSports in the Olympic Event, with the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Then, later the same Bid Team were named as the Host of the eSports later in the month of September.

eSports at the 2024 Olympic Games, as a Demonstration Sport?

A demonstration sport is more of an event where one sport is played with the purpose of promoting it. You may have come across this type of sport in the Olympic Games and many other sports events.

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) Secretary General Leopold Chung said in an interview that eSports can be included but not with the official discipline.

Along with this, the IOC President Thomas Bach mentioned that they won’t be promoting any video games which include violence of any form or any kind of demonstration at the Olympics event.

Amidst this, there were also reported statements by the IOC that they are open to promote eSports. But later, just after a month, IOC said the eSports will be considered like a sports activity only and it should not go against the rules set by the Olympic Federation or demean it in any way. 

Looking at the support of the Paris Olympic Committee in promoting the eSports, Chung said that this change will help in changing the minds of the IOC team who are against with it. He also added that Paris would become one of the largest eSports gaming hubs for Europe!

The IeSF team told in an interview, that their main aim is to promote the eSports just like any other sports activity which does not have any barriers of class, caste or culture.

The eSports also generated a revenue of £400m in the year 2016 and has more than 300million people as their global audience.

The Final Verdict? 

IeSF is all set for their first-ever appearance at the Asian Games which is going to be held at Jakarta, Indonesia. Before this, they will also offer you a full event show in the year 2022 at the Multi-Sport Championship at Hangzhou in China.