The team

Are you a sports kid by heart? Well, I am, and this website is like a piece of my heart itself.


It’s a dedicated website for the sports fanatics, and I will be sharing soccer, hockey, football score updates with you. No need to Google the updates for sports differently, this will work as a one-stop place for all the score updates.

Along with that, you will also get the Wimbledon, Olympic Game updates and all the news related to it!

The Inception

This is William here! The idea of starting the website occurred to me during my college days. I had this weird obsession with Googling around sports news and their updates. Even though I could get the results, it was tiring and more importantly Time-Consuming!

I felt that I had to bring in some solution, wherein I could join all the updates in one place. So, this is it 🙂

Our Belief

We are a team of 4 people, all of them assigned different tasks. Our sole aim is to share updates and keep you notified with the Live Scores!

Head on to the website, and do a follow if you liked the content.

– William L. Masterson